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Boat Angeline

During the summer season, Hotelboat Angeline does not only stay docked in Oosterdok, Amsterdam. Instead, it goes sailing throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Northern France. The boat provides its own tours and tours for Bike and Barge Holland tours located in Seattle, USA. This gives traveler's a unique opportunity to explore these countries' waterways while staying on board a cozy and comfortable hotelboat.

The boat's rich history dates back to 1910 when it was built as a barge in Rotterdam to transport raw materials. In the 1970s, it was converted into a passenger ship and has since been offering an unforgettable hotel experience. With 14 rooms, each with its own bathroom, and at least two rooms with three beds, the boat can accommodate families and groups of travelers comfortably. The rooms are spacious, with a minimum size of 10 square meters.

Hotelboat Angeline measures 45 meters long and 6.5 meters wide, making it the perfect size for navigating through Amsterdam's canals and beyond. The bedrooms are located on the lower deck, ensuring a peaceful and quiet stay for guests. On the upper deck, guests can relax in the lounge, sun deck, and dining room. The sun deck offers stunning views of the canals, where guests can enjoy the sun or a refreshing drink.

Staying on Hotelboat Angeline is a unique experience that provides comfort, convenience, and a chance to explore several countries' waterways. Whether on our own tours or those organised by our partners, guests can enjoy a truly memorable and relaxing stay on board a classic Dutch boat.

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